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Car Wrapping Service

Tint & Wrap Experts – Finest Vehicle Wrapping Service in Sydney

Tint & Wrap Experts is Sydney’s leading car wrapping and tint services company. Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic and make a lasting impression on the roads with our professional vehicle wrap services in Sydney. Our team brings creativity and precision to every project, ensuring your vehicle stands out. As your trusted partner, we provide various services to meet your customisation needs.

Our Wrapping Services

Car Wrapping

Car wrapping goes beyond a mere alternative to repainting; it's a canvas for originality. Whether seeking a sleek, matte finish or a vibrant, attention-grabbing design, Tint & Wrap Experts are professionals who bring your vision to life. Elevate your vehicle's appearance and express your personality through our expert car wrapping services.

Paint Protection

Preserve your vehicle's exterior with WrapStyle Paint Protection. Environmental and accidental damage are constant threats to modern water-based paints. Our protective wraps act as a shield, safeguarding your car's finish and ensuring its longevity. Invest in paint protection with Tint & Wrap Experts to keep your vehicle looking brand new for years.


Vehicle Graphics

Transform your vehicle into a moving work of art with WrapStyle Car Detailing. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need assistance conceptualising one, our in-house graphics team brings your ideas to life. From advertising signage to personal branding, our vehicle graphics service adds a distinctive touch to your vehicle.

Comprehensive Services

Beyond vehicle wraps, Tint & Wrap Experts offers a range of additional services, including Car Window Tinting, Headlight and taillight Tints, Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, Headliner Replacement, and Headliner Customisation. Each service is crafted to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your vehicle.

Customer Experience

Our commitment to delivering standout vehicle wraps is reflected in the customer experience we provide. As fully trained industry-accredited installers, we guarantee precision and professionalism. Your peace of mind is our priority, backed by comprehensive insurance coverage. We use industry-leading materials and employ lamination techniques for superior wrap life expectancy.


Why Choose Tint & Wrap Experts?

Choose Tint & Wrap Experts for an unmatched experience. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring every project meets and exceeds your expectations. Partnering with renowned brands like Avery and 3M, we bring you quality materials that enhance your vehicle wraps' durability and visual appeal. Our pricing is $249, making professional car wraps accessible and affordable.

Advantages of Car Wraps

Investing in vehicle wraps provides numerous advantages. Beyond the opportunity for unique designs and personalisation, car wraps offer a protective layer against environmental elements, preserving your vehicle's resale value. They are easily removable, allowing for flexibility in changing designs or reverting to the original finish. Additionally, wraps act as a cost-effective advertising solution, turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard that captures attention wherever it goes.

At Tint & Wrap Experts, our car wrapping, tinting, and paint correction services are available with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Tint & Wrap Experts' car wrapping service will be done right – on time.

Our expert car wrapping services use only professional, trusted, and reliable brands of vinyl wraps, as follows –

  • Avery

  • 3M

  • Price from $249


Call Us

Experience the difference with Tint & Wrap Experts today! Transform your vehicle with our professional wrapping services. Contact us for a free consultation, and let us bring your vision to life on the streets of Sydney. Your journey to a customised and eye-catching vehicle begins here!


Would you like to chat with a staff member at Tint & Wrap Experts? Please give us a ring at 0450 441 545 or contact us by email. In the neighbourhood? Visit Tint & Wrap Experts at Unit 4/516 Great Western Hwy, St Marys NSW 2760.​

For updates and special offers, find Tint & Wrap Experts on Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram.

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